Nano by FieldWise


What if you could have cutting edge telemetry technology that could be used for multiple applications and was easily upgradable as your needs changed?

The FieldWise Nano is the only telemetry technology on the market that is designed to meet the consumers' needs and actually delivers on the promise of being compatible with every type of pivot. Most companies require you to buy specialized hardware for each element of your operation.

The Nano breaks that pattern by being versatile allowing you to use the same equipment for multiple applications. 

Revolutionary Telemetry Tech

The FieldWise Nano is a first in class product line that incorporates a modular design focused on using a "core" board for an entry level monitor, which virtually anyone can install. As your operational needs grow, simply expand the Nano by adding a relay board to take full control of most systems. When you're ready, add the in-field communication kit to get advanced control and experience the most intelligent telemetry product on the market - at a fraction of the cost of less robust market solutions. Additionally, the Nano is small, compact, and user-friendly. 

FieldWise Nano offer three different control levels:


Nano Solar

The Nano Solar lets you know when your systems are running, and where they are in the field.

  • Basic monitoring of your operation
  • Low-cost entry
  • Anyone can install it

Nano Basic

Grow and take control with the Nano Basic by upgrading your Nano Solar unit. Instead of buying a new telemetry unit, a FieldWise tech or authorized dealer will wire in a relay board into your Nano Solar giving you the next level of control. 

  • Get full control of most systems

Nano Advanced

Grow into advanced control. The Nano Advanced is by far the most intelligent telemetry product on the market. The Nano Advanced utilizes the Nano Basic plus our private in-field communication kit to allow for pairing with our revolutionary 5" (Z5) or 10" (Z5+) touch screen Universal Computer Panels or our SARAS (SMart Auto-Restart / Auto Stop) board. 

  • Unparalleled features at a fraction of the cost
  • Installed by FieldWise or an authorized dealer




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