Center Drive

Available for $1050 + gst

At Irrigation Logistics we also stock Center Drives for your systems. Available ratios: 50:1, 40:1, 30:1 and 20:1. 

The hardened helical gear and all-aluminum gear case and motor housing provides years of reliable service. 

The Center Drive offers irrigation duty with 95% efficiency and Class F insulation. 


20ft Span Pipe

20ft Span Pipe - Available for $1650 + gst

The 20ft span pipe is a vital spare for your system. So take this opportunity to get yours now. 

It is available in the following sizes:

The Pierce 6 5/8 pipe and the Pierce 8 5/8 pipe. 




High Flotation Ag Tyres - Available for $1150 + gst

Irrigation Logistics Ltd stocks tyres to match your span requirements and soil conditions. 

These are available in 14.9 x 24 with the option for turf tyres in 14.9 x 24 as well. 




 Tower Box - Available for $950 + gst

The tower box is constructed of white, heavy wall UV stabilized thermoplastic with a galvanized steel base.

Features include a stainless steel cam shaft and adjustable, moisture resistant directional micros. The rigid base and oversize cam spring enhance machine alignment characteristics to reduce structural stress. 



Available for $900 + gst

At Irrigation Logistics Ltd we stock critical parts for your irrigation systems. We stock 2 different critical spare gearboxes for your systems.

The UMC 740 that is capable of handling nearly every field condition. Many farmers like the versatility of the UMC 740 gearbox as it allows for operating in conditions where wheel ruts may exist, soil is heavy or terrain is uneven. It is designed to support longer spans, larger wheels and heavier towers for use on centre pivots and linear systems.

The Heavy Duty 760 gearbox is the largest and most durable gearbox we stock. It features a larger diameter bull gear than the UMC 740 to handle 20% more torque. This is also designed for centre pivots and linear systems.